Flowerbomb Gin

Flowerbomb Gin Flowerbomb gin has dropped! Husband and wife team Max and Marie run the Victory London Distillery, a stone’s throw from the ancient Tower Bridge that crosses the Thames in the heart of London. Victory distillery approach gin slightly differently to many producers. Shunning the traditional copper pot stills, favouring cold distillation instead of blasting botanicals with heat and keeping their ecological values in check by being the first to bring [...]

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London’s top 5 gin excursions

This Year's Top Five Gin Excursions London’s gin scene is booming. With distilleries, specialist bars and festivals, gin-lovers are never short of ways to indulge their passion. With so many venues and events vying for top place, there are a few that stand out from the rest of the competition. We’ve brought together London’s Top 5 gin excursions to ensure you get the most of what London has on offer: [...]

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My barrel ageing gin experiment

How to Barrel Age Gin at Home The history of barrel ageing spirits goes back thousands of years. The Romans would transport wine for their troops in tall clay jugs known as amphorae. As the Roman empire swept north, they witnessed the Gauls transporting their beer in barrels made of oak. Oak is fairly light, grows in abundance across Europe and has a tight, waterproof grain. It became the vessel of choice [...]

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How to Make Tonic Water at Home

How to Make Tonic At Home Foreword - To make tonic water at home you need to use Cinchona bark, this is where the ‘quinine’ in tonic water comes from. It can be dangerous. Whilst safe if used with care; if you ingest even a small amount of the bark solids they can cause some nasty side effects. This is bad. I'm [...]

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World Gin Day Teams Up With London Cocktail Week This Summer

World Gin Day 2018 Since 2009, the 2nd Saturday of June has been all about coming together and celebrating gin. You’ll have noticed that World Gin Day has grown year on year. But this summer's celebrations are set to be the biggest yet. 2018's World Gin Day celebrations will be extended to a full 4 days, so you can make the absolute most of [...]

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5 Facts That Are Sure to Come up in Every Boozy Pub Quiz

The world of gin is always interesting and often bizarre. We've collected 5 surprising facts about gin that'll make amateurs look like aficionados.  Look no further for your pub ammunition! 1. Ever wondered where the phrase, “Dutch courage” comes from? During the Dutch War of Independence, English soldiers got a taste for the local spirit known as jenever. The phrase came about as a type of slur against the Dutch. Much [...]

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Gin Eggnog

Eggnog is often seen as “one of those American things”. Like baseball or country music, we’ve given it a go but never excelled at it as a nation. Instead, we’ve left it to those that know best. Unlike a lot of stateside traditions, Eggnog is something we started! Back in the 14th century, the Brits were busy mixing ale, milk, eggs and brandy all year [...]

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Thomas Henry

Thomas Henry - Berlin's Most Hipster Mixer Thomas Henry is a producer of soft drinks based Germany’s most hipster city, Berlin. You’re probably thinking that the name “Thomas Henry” doesn’t sound very German, and you’d be bang on! Thomas Henry is named after a Mancunian apothecary and surgeon from the 18th century. He invented a process of preparing Magnesia Alba for use as an antacid. Henry’s medical [...]

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The Gingerbread Alexander Cocktail

The Gingerbread Alexander Cocktail 🎅 Ingredients - 25ml Lebkuchen Old Tom Gin - 25ml Dark creme de cocoa - 50ml double cream (you can use single if you wish but double adds an extra opulence to the experience.) Method Add the ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously for around 20 seconds. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with grated nutmeg over [...]

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What is Lebkuchen?

So, what is Lebkuchen? Lebkuchen is an essential part of Christmas for most German families. But for many Brits, this baked item has fallen under the radar. So, what is lebkuchen? To put it simply, they’re somewhere between a biscuit and a cake. Not a million miles away from gingerbread and made with a mix of festive spices, nuts and fruit. They come in all shapes and sizes and often have [...]

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