English Countryside Gin Meets German Christmas Tradition

Two Birds Gin Fewer distilleries encapsulate the British countryside more than Union Distillers. Established in 2013, Two Birds gin is the product of tireless efforts from Mark Gamble and Lyn Taylor. Each drop of gin is made in the picturesque town of Market Harborough, nestled in the Leicestershire countryside. Juniper, orris root, coriander, citrus and one closely guarded secret botanical are distilled to make Two Birds London Dry Gin’s [...]

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Old Tom Gin

Victorian Gin back in fashion During the booze revolution that we are currently enjoying, gin has undergone a renaissance that it hasn’t experienced for around 200 years. In 2017, spirits sales overtook beer for the first time ever and there is an impressive 24 gin distilleries in London alone. If you’re reading this there’s a high chance you’re into gin. It’s also safe to say that you’ve probably seen a lot [...]

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How to: Make mulled blackberry liqueur

Mulled Blackberry Liqueur Want to recreate the Fireside Bramble cocktail with the original high fruit content, mulled blackberry liqueur we used? Here's how.... Ingredients 400g fresh blackberries 200ml Full bodied red wine 1 gram of ground nutmeg 1 cinnamon stick 2 grams of fresh ginger 200g sugar 100ml of water 100ml of good quality vodka Method Mash the blackberries and bring to the boil with the wine and spices. When it [...]

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The Fireside Bramble Cocktail

The Fireside Bramble Cocktail The original bramble cocktail re-imagined for Autumn. Is it too early in the year for a warm cocktail? Maybe. Is that something we’re worried about? When it tastes this good; absolutely not. This cocktail started off the way many others do…… ice cold. The cocktail was made, it tasted superb, the photos for this very article we’re taken and edited to look pretty, the process of creating the [...]

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Bergamot – the botanical lowdown

The botanical lowdown - Bergamot Less sour than lemons and more bitter than grapefruit You don’t often hear much about this unique member of the citrus family, less sour than lemons and more bitter than grapefruit, the bergamot has uses that extend far beyond drinks. Its scientific name is Citrus Bergamia and is defined as a lemon mutation or a cross between a sour orange and a lemon. The fruit that’s in your bottle [...]

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How to make cocktail bitters

How to make bitters   After many years of working behind many bars, I find myself returning to the same two age old questions on a daily basis: Is the bar closed? (which if having to be asked, is normally a 'yes') and what are 'those things there?'. The answer to which is quite simple – bitters! It's normally at this point I can see the light switching on and the intrigue starting to [...]

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The Art of Garnish: Herb

Experimenting with herb garnishes in gin drinks can lead to amazing results. The variety available in shops make for an almost endless list of combinations. What’s more, herbs often have their own fascinating health benefits. We’ve put together some of our favourites to get you started raiding the herb garden! Mint Mint is one of the freshest tasting herb garnishes. It has the power to transform your gin and [...]

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Bonfire Night Cocktail: The Ode to Guy

Bonfire Night Cocktail Add a sparkle to your Bonfire Night party this year with  a warming  gin cocktail. Follow the recipe to create an autumn warmer that is sure to add some heat to the celebrations this year. Pears are coming to the end of their season around November the 5th. What better way to celebrate this Autumnal flavour than with gin? We've mixed the pear's fruity flavour with the spice of ginger [...]

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The New York Bramble

The New York Bramble The Bramble is one of the most iconic gin cocktails. Invented in London in the 1980s, it combines gin with lemon juice and blackberry liqueur to make a perfectly balanced cocktail. We decided to give this iconic drink a revamp by using homemade ingredients and a twist inspired by a favourite classic cocktail. Learn how to make the New York Bramble here: Ingredients Gin [...]

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The Art of Garnish: Spice

5 spicy garnishes wake your gin up As distilleries get braver and botanicals get more interesting, so should our gin garnishes. Citrus fruits have long since dominated the gin world but now it’s time for something a little different. Spices for instance are a perfect way to add some kick to your drinks. Peppercorn Peppercorns and gin & tonics were first made big in Spain. As the EU’s [...]

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